New Work from Cape Ann, Massachusetts and Narragansett, Rhode Island

annisquam lighthouse photo sunset photography panorama panoramic large art gloucester ma rockport massachusetts cape ann photograph wall decor prints
"Annisquam Sunset Panorama II," 2017. Prints available here.

I have been busy lately! So one thing that I have struggled with for years is chronic insomnia. This has made it all but impossible for me to wake up to shoot sunrises, like a proper east coast landscape photographer, which in turn has made me feel really crappy about myself, if I'm being honest. So this year I decided something had to be done about it. With the help of some sleep hygeine adjustments as well as a small amount of medicinal intervention, I have now been able to shift my sleep schedule to the point where - dare I say - I am a "morning person"!

I've been able to get up and shoot two sunrises, which is about a 5,000% increase in sunrises shot in the past 6 years. Doesn't help that sunrise this time of year is SO EARLY (tomorrow's sunrise time: 5:13 am. If I were to wake up and shoot a 'rise tomorrow, I'd have to be up and at 'em at 4 am. That's ridiculous.) And I know what you're thinking, "well Katherine, you could just go back to bed once you're done shooting." Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way for me, as the adrenaline of doing what I do (and once again for the sake of honesty, the amount of coffee needed to get me going at this hour) means my body won't let me sleep until nighttime. So that makes for a looooonggg day of feeling tired. Needless to say I'll be much happier to do the sunrise thing in the fall when the sun rises at 7 am, but that won't stop me from trying to get some more sunrise shoots in during the summer.

Anyway! So I have some new images for you. The first two are from my second sunrise at Hazard Rocks in Narragansett, Rhode Island, and then the third and fourth, respectively, are from when I was able to get my drone up over the Narragansett Towers shortly after sunrise, and over Point Judith Lighthouse at sunset.

narragansett ri rhode island coast seascape sunrise photography photograph photo print hazard rocks ocean drive
"Hazard Rocks Sunrise II," 2017. Prints available here.

narragansett ri beach ocean photography artwork art print large scale wall art decor hazard rocks ocean drive sunrise picture
"Hazard Rocks Sunrise," 2017. Prints available here.

narragansett ri towers photo photography aerial drone photograph sunrise fine art print picture wall art ocean drive
"Sunrise Over Narragansett Towers," 2017. Prints available here.

point judith narragansett ri rhode island lighthouse aerial sunset photography drone photo print coastal wall art aerial beach photograph
"Sunset Over Point Judith," Narragansett, RI, 2017. Prints available here.

Another thing I've been wanting to do for a long time is explore the Cape Ann (North Shore) area of Massachusetts. Towns like Rockport, Gloucester, and Essex are well-known for their coastal beauty and charm, and Rockport itself is a big artist enclave. So I booked a really nice Airbnb for a night and did a little exploring and shooting. The main goal of the trip was to see if there was enough there that would warrant booking a week to do some more in-depth shooting, and I am happy to say that there is, and I am on my way back up this week! Can't wait to have more material to share with you from this area.

So here's a preview of what is surely more to come from Cape Ann, mostly from a really peaceful, beautiful summery sunset at the Annisquam Lighthouse in Gloucester. This lighthouse has been on my bucket list for years, so I was so psyched to shoot it. It's not easy to get to - it requires a low tide, a little trespassing, and some hiking, but well worth the effort.

All of these were shot with my Canon 5DSR 50 megapixel beast of a camera, and they can all be printed at extremely large sizes, especially the panoramas, which are comprised of 5 or more full size vertical exposures! Click on the print links to view the photos larger.

annisquam lighthouse gloucester ma summer sunset panorama panoramic photography cape ann rockport ma massachusetts coast
"Annisquam Lighthouse Sunset Panorama," 2017. Prints available here.

gloucester ma lighthouse photography annisquam harbor light sunset photo large prints artwork wall decor summer photograph
"Annisquam Lighthouse Sunset II," 2017. Prints available here.

annisquam lighthouse photography sunset panorama panoramic photo print extra large scale wall art picture seascape rockport gloucester ma massachusetts coast cape ann
"Annisquam Sunset Panorama II," 2017. Prints available here.

annisquam lighthouse photo print summer sunset gloucester ma tranquil peaceful lighthouse decor new england coastal artwork seascape ocean rocks
"Annisquam Lighthouse Sunset," 2017. Prints available here.

"Annisquam Lighthouse Sunset Vertical," 2017. Prints available here.

white rowboat photo serene peaceful large boat photography wooden boat print rockport harbor massachusetts cape ann blue white
"Meme's Boat," Rockport Harbor, MA, 2017. Prints available here.